Currently doing one of three things: drawing, watching 90 Day Fiance or eating fish tacos.

I was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Orange County. I’m Italian, my mother is an immigrant from Milano and like all good Italians I ate pasta most nights (every night). In return, it gave me an immunity to gaining weight off carbs.

I love sports, playing video games and staying active. My passion growing up has been in animation, illustration and design. Some of my biggest influences are Masashi Kishimoto, Jim Lee, Massimo Vignelli and Otl Aicher.

- Recent Projects -

Since the summer I have been working on my 3D modeling and animation. I decided to creative problem solve a helmet for my family cat. Her name is Frankie and she has an autoimmune disorder that effects her skin causing her to constantly scratch at her face, mainly her cheeks/ear. We visited many vets and none of them had solutions that would fix the problem. The condition was found too late and Frankie would have to wear a cone her entire life. I wanted to create a helmet that gives her protection and lets her be a cat again without a cone hindering her cleaning, exploring and sleeping. I am currently on my 5th version of the helmet and it is almost perfect.


Vita Coco hosted a billboard competition for designers and I used my 3D skills to execute my concept. I was the runner-up and won $1,000 for my submission.