My cat needed help. Her name is Frankie aka Beans and she has an autoimmune disorder that affects her skin. It causes her to constantly scratch at her face, mainly her cheeks/ear. We visited many vets and none of them had solutions that would fix the problem. The condition was found too late and Frankie would have to wear a cone her entire life. This was unacceptable. I decided to problem solve a solution and create a helmet. The helmet would give her protection and lets her be a cat again without a cone hindering her cleaning, exploring and sleeping. Please enjoy my cat helmet journey.

In portfolio school at VCU Brandcenter I learned Cinema4D and it completely flipped my creative process. As my skills improved, I felt it necessary to apply this new found toolbox in different areas of my life. Frankie's problem was number one on my list. Channeling my inner Tony Stark I began modeling different helmets to treat the issue. Each model better than the last until we reached a point of success.


3D printing was another big step in the process and it took a lot of trail and error. Making sure the material was animal safe and smooth was a top concern.

Beans today living her best life.